Absolute Organic Cow Ghee | Benifits, Reallity & Myths 2021

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Kapiva Organic Cow Ghee

Kapiva Organic Cow Ghee is very special because cows are not factory-farmed and are free from cross-breeding. This Ghee is sourced from the land of the tharparkar cows. Thar desert where this Cow breed is found and A2 Quality Ghee is procured.

It uses the traditional old Vedic method originating in Rajasthan called the Bilona method, also known as a hand-churn method, to craft A2 Ghee.

The Ghee’s process is to boil raw, unprocessed cow milk and convert it into curd in a clay pot. To make sure it should be pure, the curd is hand-churned to retain the nutrients with no machinery used. The last step is separating the butter to form the Ghee.

This Ghee has a beta-casein protein that is highly rich in nutrients, vitamins like A, D, E, and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

The A2 Desi Ghee is beneficial for those who are lactose insensitivities. As you know, it is hand-churned, so the body can easily digest this Ghee because it supports the gastric juices in your digestive system to break down foods that you consume.

If you consume high-quality A2 Organic Cow Ghee regularly, it may also help you reduce cholesterol and improve the heart’s functioning. Proteins in it help to reduce joint pain. It has external healing properties. If you are facing any issue related to skin burns, sunburns, dry, flaky skin, you can apply it to soothe and use it as a moisturizer to get rid of it.

It is Keto and paleo diet-friendly; that’s why Organic Cow Ghee is suitable for both adults and children.

Organic Cow Ghee

Marwari Wala’s

The uniqueness of this Ghee is made up of curd from whole milk, Not cream. After that, it churns through the old traditional Bilona method known as the Hand process to separate butter from it. After that, boil it to get pure Ghee. In villages, people are also called whole milk ghee, which has a manual process to extract pure Ghee and too time-consuming that’s why it is costly and is also used as Ayurvedic medicine.

This Ghee has Zero trans fat and is recommended for health. The Desi Ghee is highly appreciated and recommended by professionals from Ayurveda health care because it’s packed with omega-3, omega-6 and contains vitamins a, e and k.

The Indian Desi cow’s milk has the beta-casein protein that’s extremely rich in nutrients such as iron, calcium, and sodium.


Anveshan Ghee

Anveshan Organic Cow Ghee is high in protein and nutrition as it’s made with A2 milk of Indian native cows.

This ghee claim to be organic because its butter is 100% natural produced by grass-fed Indian desi cow milk.

This is called Vedic because of its process of making it its premium A2 milk from the Harlikar cows, which is first turned into curd by using a microbe culture. This curd is churn with Bilona Method, which is mentioned in Ayurveda which generally takes hours to separate the butter before boiling it into Ghee.

This Vedic Organic Cow Ghee contains no added colours, no additives, and no preservatives.

Harlikar cows are very popular for producing highly regarded A2 milk. It’s not like regular milk because A2 milk has only A2 protein, healthier and safer than A1 protein.

This A2 Cow Ghee is easy to digest because it is cultured Ghee, which is gluten-free. People suffering from lactose intolerance or casein sensitivities can also have this milk because it’s safe for them.

It not only Boosts energy level but it is also suitable for skin & hair.

This Ghee has several benefits like Strengthen Immune system, which helps to reduce blood pressure, control body weight, and protect you from a variety of diseases and bones.

Organic Cow Ghee also helps cleanse up your body while removing the blood’s impurities and Maintain your Healthy Heart. Want to know more about Organic Buffalow Ghee? Click here

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