Meditation: 4 Amazing Reasons Why Should You Start It

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Meditation is the most wonderful thing that happened in the life of people, but yet remain underrated. Most of us think that it is of no use for the general people, but that is a myth indeed.

There are so many misconceptions about it and theories that make us step back to this.

But here, in this article, we try to eliminate all those misconceptions from our minds and make the best out of them. So let’s dive in for more details, and know that why should you start meditation.

What is Meditation?


One of the most believed concepts about meditation is that it is for the monks, nuns, and old persons only. Or it is only practiced by the religious personalities only living in India.

But it is a myth indeed. It is not related to any particular religion or gender, or age. Yes, it is right that it has its roots in India and started by the sages of India, but it is not limited to the land of India only.

We have its references found from other religious scripts as well, including Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, and many other religions.

Also, it is not only for old age people or monks, but it is practiced by famous personalities all across the world.

Some of them are Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant, Jerry Seinfeld, who are some of the international personalities who have talked about meditation.

The face of international martial art, Bruce Lee, too, talks about it and includes it in his training programs. They all have emphasized that meditation is not just a thing related to ancient Indian culture.

Where we get confused is that meditation is just closing your eyes, sitting for hours in the same position. But it is not like this. So now it’s become important to discuss meditation first.

Meditation is a state where your mind, body, and soul gets united and gets more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

You don’t even have to close your eyes. Just try to observe your surroundings with your open eyes. Observe the nature around you, talk with plants, animals. Look after them.

Try to capture as much as you. Think about everything, but don’t overthink. Don’t hold yourself responsible for the wrong thing that happens in your life.

When you observe your surroundings, yourself and the nature around you are meditating.

That’s all you have to do while meditating. Simple, right.

Yes, it is. Meditating is as simple as reading this article. But this simple thing has so many benefits to offer that you can’t afford to lose it. Want to know more benefits of meditation. Then let’s move on.

Benefits Of Meditation


In this section, we would be discussing some of the amazing benefits of meditation that can procure from it.

These benefits are the key factor that plays an important role in making meditation a star performer of your life.

Before jumping into the benefits of meditation, we should note the point that it is like a workout for our mind. As we go to the gym, do various sorts of physical training, exercises, meditation is the training for the mind which makes it stronger and efficient.

1. Helps In Reducing Stress

The foremost benefit that meditation offers is that it helps in reducing stress. Because of the current hectic life, when we have to face such tough competition to get success, and many other problems, stress is normal.

Stress often leads to depression and sometimes even suicidal tendencies.

And that is the main sphere of health where meditation is advised by most doctors. While meditating, what helps in reducing the stress is the feeling of awareness that we attain.

When you meditate, you give more attention to your body, your well–being, your surroundings.

This, to a very much extent, helps in reducing stress, both mental and physical.

2. Boost Emotional Health

It is scientifically proven that when one person suffers from stress, the body releases some hormones which cause mood swings, and the person suffers from bad emotional health.

Bad emotional health, mood swings can lead to a chaotic lifestyle, where the person starts losing his relations, family, friends.

You start shouting, making noises even on the small issues. You got angry about small things, you want to be alone, and many other habitual changes are observed in the patients of stress.

So, practicing meditation on a regular basis would not only prevent you from stress but also boost your emotional health.

3. Improves Self – Awareness

When you develop a feeling of freedom, free from bad thoughts, negative emotions, then you tend to focus more on yourself.

You would focus more on your actions, your lifestyle, how you are behaving towards others, what you are contributing to society, and so many things become an issue to ponder over.

When you gave your time to these, you try to analyze your deeds. And this process of analyze gives you the points where you can improve.

Thus you would work on yourself to make yourself better than what you were yesterday. And this enhances the feeling of self–awareness and makes you a better person.

4. Make Your Attention Time Long

One of the most common that the new generation face is of lack of attention, or losing attention in anything after few moments.

When it comes to studying, it could be very harmful to the career. While studying, it is very important to pay attention to what you are studying actually.

And here, meditation can help you if you also lose your attention in anything after some time. Practicing meditation regularly can increase your attention time span. You can concentrate more and for more time on your work.

5. Help In Reducing Memory Loss

In the older ages, the problem of memory loss is common. But in recent times, even young people are suffering from short-term memory. Generally, it is not regarded as a serious problem but can lead to a messy lifestyle, often forgetting something or other.

It is proven that meditation can help us in memorizing things for a longer time. Why, well, we have discussed the answer to this before.

Meditating is like working out with your mind when you make it more strong, and efficient to work.

So when you meditate, it helps you in making memory capacity high and remembering things for long.

Not only in the young ages, but in the old age also it will help you in increasing your memory power.

6. Helps You To Become Kind

When you are sad and disturbed from the inside, then it happens that you won’t think about others. And that can be justified. When you have so many things inside that are storming inside you, then it becomes very difficult to think about others.

But what if you have inner peace, you don’t have any negative emotions or feelings. You have calmness from inside.

The answer is simple; you become more kind towards your environment, nature, animals, and everything that you see around you.

That is how meditation works for you. It increases positive feelings inside you, attracts positive energy around you, and makes you more thoughtful of others.

You become kind to all, take care of them, start looking after them and even talking with them.

7. Help In Fighting Addiction

Addiction is a habit in which you start thinking that your life is nothing without a particular thing. Addiction generally denotes a bad habit that is harmful to health.

There are many addictions that today’s generation suffers from, such as alcohol, smoking, sometimes even drugs.

The common reason behind this is that the person feels loneliness from inside. They cant share their feelings with anyone.

This leads to stress, anxiety issues and leads to addiction to drinking, smoking, or drugs, which gave them pleasure for some time. And for that few times, they put their lives in danger.

But meditating regularly can improve your addiction. When you practice meditation daily, then your mind becomes disciplined and leaves no room for such dependencies or addiction.

8. Get You Good Sleep

Stress, anxiety issues make it difficult to sleep peacefully. The disturbed sleeping pattern can make you more tired, and you feel less energetic.

But meditation provides you a mental peace, and you can peacefully sleep on time. When you get good sleep, then it makes you feel energetic, calm, and cheerful.

9. Help In Controlling Pain

Pain is a perception that is related to the state of mind. When you are disturbed from inside, you don’t have inner peace and calmness, then the condition of pain becomes worse.

You are under stress, then you feel more, and when you are calm from inside, then you feel less pain or sometimes even no pain at all.

And that is why doctors also advise breathing exercises and meditation to improve pain.

These are some of the advantages of meditation for which you should start immediately, to get these advantages.

Apart from these benefits, in researches, it is found that there are some profound effects of meditation on the body.

It can reduce the toxic stress chemicals from the body, improves heart health. It is also found a person doing meditation develops a grey matter around the part of the brain which controls the feeling of stress, compassion, and anxiety.

How To Start Meditation


After discussing the benefits of meditation, now its come the turn to discuss how we can start meditation. Well, starting meditation is very simple.

The best thing about meditation is that you can do it anywhere, even sitting on a chair, before sleeping on your bed, in the middle of something when you want a rest, or anywhere where you want to meditate or feel the need to meditate.

But if you want to do it in a more traditional manner then you can sit on the floor.

Then select a comfortable mat for you.

Sit calmly on that, keep your back straight, made Dhyan mudra or posture. Dhyan mudra especially helps in meditation.

Just don’t yourself to meditate. Meditation is a state which just happens, and it can’t be forced. So take your time, and start with small goals. First, try it for a short time and then start increasing your time.


Here in this article, we have studied meditation and its benefits, and why should you start it. We have explored that meditation is not just an exercise. It is a state of full awareness.

It is a state when you are aware of yourself, your surroundings, your well–being. When you know what you are doing and how you are doing, then you are meditating.

When you are focusing on your activities, your actions, then you are meditating.

So don’t limit the dimension of meditation, and practice it for better health and state of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time to spend in meditation?

There is not a certain limit of time for which you have to meditate. This time ranges from person to person and how long he can sit calmly.

But set short goals in the starting, try with some minutes and then keep increasing them when you get too used to them.

When a person should meditate?

A person can meditate anytime or anywhere. Anytime when you are free, you want to meditate, you can do it. But there two times of day when it would be more beneficial for you.

At the starting of the day, when you meditate in the early morning, then it makes you cheerful, energetic throughout the day.

And you can also do it before going to sleep. Before going to sleep, meditating can help in making your mind calm, peaceful and get you a good sleep.

This would prepare you for the next day.

Is meditating daily is good?

Yes, meditation is good for both physical health and mental health. And performing meditation daily can help you in getting many benefits.

You can do meditation daily at the same time, at the starting of the day. But if someday you don’t get time for meditation, then it’s completely alright. Don’t blame yourself and start again.

Are yoga and meditation can be practiced together?

Yes, they are completely compatible with each other. Even they are parts of a more wide and integrated ancient Indian concept.

You can do them at the same time and also practice meditation with other physical training.

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