Kayam Churna: 9 Things You Should Never Forget For A Healthy Body

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Kayam Churna is such a sort of ayurvedic medicine that has the potential to make your unhealthy digestive system completely healthy.

We would be discussing much more in detail in upcoming sections! So keep reading.

1. What is Kayam Churna?

We can find the roots of kayam churna in the ancient medicinal scripts of India. The genius wrote these books of ancient India, who had discovered the laws and principles of treating people using plants and natural things.

They even perform major to minor surgeries to save the life of people. And it is their biggest achievement that they had performed so exceptionally well at a time when modern science, tools, and techniques are not available.

kayam churna

It is their superb intelligence and hard work only because they have attained so wide and deep understanding of the human body, anatomy, medicinal properties of plants, and other natural substances.

To make their knowledge perfect, first, they explore more about the principles and laws of medicines. They experimented, and when they found their inventions effective, then they practiced them on patients.

And one such miraculous medicine is the kayam churna.

Kayam Churna is a powder that is made from medicinal herbs and plants to deal with the problem of constipation. Constipation also treats many other issues related to the digestive system.

In kayam churna, almost 7 medicinal herbs and plants and other things are mixed in a ratio described in India’s ancient scripts.

These herbs are specially selected for their properties to treat digestive-related issues and make our digestive system healthy.

2. Kayam Churna Uses

When used in a balanced ratio with their medicinal properties, these herbs together are used to treat various gastrointestinal problems, and disorders range from constipation to gastritis, diarrhea, flatulence, heartburn, peptic and ulcer, and gastroesophageal reflux diseases.

The formula of this churna is derived from the ancient texts Charak Samhita and Sarangdhar Samhita, who were the great physicians and surgeons of their time.

In these books, it is described that this formula is effective for enhancing the stomach fire, helping in digestion, bloating, and reducing inflammation, stimulating appetite, treating indigestion, and relieving intestinal worms.

These herbs are a perfect blend for all your digestive system-related issues and disorders.

3. Kayam Churna Ingredients

As is mentioned above, kayam churna is made up of 7 incredible herbs that are perfectly balanced to cure all the problems related to gastrointestinal issues.

kayam churna

These 7 herbs are,

  • Senna leaves.
  • Black salt.
  • Mulethi, also known as Licorice.
  • Nishoth, also known as Operculina turpethum.
  • Ajwain.
  • Haritaki or Terminalia chebula.
  • Svarjikshara.

These are all the herbs and natural substances used as an ingredient for making kayam churna. All of them their individual medicinal properties also.

But when they come together, they become a perfect blend for a healthy digestive system.

4. Kayam Churna Powder

Kayam Churna powder is the most popular form of medicine. And that is why it is called churna.

In Hindi, churna means powder.

To make kayam churna, all the herbs are powdered to make a fine powder of them. After grinding and mixing, the powder gives a dark brown color.

5. Kayam Churna Tablets

kayam churna

Kayam churna is not only available in the form of powder but also in the form of tablets.

As of now, kayam churna is being prepared in the factories so they can be made in the form of tablets of kayam churna.

Both powder and tablets are the same in their composition. The only difference between them is their state only. One is a powder, and one is a tablet.

Kayam Churna Tablets are made for those people who are not comfortable consuming powder or often travel. So it is convenient for them to take the kayam churna tablets.

6. How To Make Kayam Churna?

Kayam Churna is a powder made from 7 different herbs that have medicinal properties. These herbs or all the ingredients listed above.

Take the ingredients in this quantity,

  • 50 parts of Senna leaves,
  • 18 parts of Black salt,
  • 4.5 parts Mulethi,
  • 3 parts of Nishoth,
  • 11.5 parts of Ajwain,
  • 8 parts of Haritaki,
  • 5 parts of Svarjikshara.

You can also use the same formula and make your kayam churna at your home.

For making kayam churna, first of all, dry all the ingredients separately. Make sure they are completely dry and have no moisture in them.

Then put all the ingredients in a mixture or a blender and grind them together to make a fine powder of them. The powder should be very fine so that it can be consumed without any difficulty.

After you have to grind them, once again, keep the powder in sunlight so that their remaining moisture would be removed too.

And when the powder is completely moisture-free, then sieve it using a sieve of very fine pores so that even the finest or smallest impurities would be eliminated from the powder.

After all these processes, store the churna in an air-tight container for future use. You can also carry this container where you are traveling.

7. Kayam Churna Benefits

The churna has scientifically proven as a treatment to treat the diseases and disorders related to the digestive tract.

Being an ayurvedic medicine, it works very effectively. One of the mindsets of the people says that ayurvedic or herbal medicines won’t work effectively. But that was a myth indeed.

One of the main reasons for gastrointestinal issues is the unhealthy lifestyle that we are living. In this competitive world, no one has time to look after their habits and health.

We don’t have enough time to eat properly, also our eating time is not certain, and we would eat any hour of the day which is not healthy.

Also, the food which we are eating is not healthy. The food which is we are eating is contaminated or polluted because of the pesticides and fertilizers used for cultivating them.

And the food which we are eating apart from being contaminated is unhealthy too. Today to save our time, we rely very much on fast food or instinct food which can be prepared very quickly.

These foods are low in nutrients and often lead to many health problems. The type of food in trend now is processed food, oily and junk food packed with calories, fat, and added sugar.

Also, we are not doing physical exercises properly. We are becoming lazy because of modern technology and science, which have reduced the human load and make us free from many activities.

We don’t have sufficient and regular time for eating, sleeping, and exercising, causing many problems to our body.

They are the main reason for obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and so many health issues we can count on the list.

Although we don’t change our whole lifestyle at one go, we can try our best to make our lifestyle healthy. But for treating all these problems instantly, we can use this amazing churna to get instant relief.

This powder starts working just right after you would start taking it regularly, and you could also see the results, which are,

1. Cure Constipation

Constipation is a very serious problem which almost every second person is suffering from nowadays.

One main reason for this could be the unhealthy habits and lifestyles of the people. They don’t have enough time to eat properly, to exercise properly.

And this unhealthy lifestyle leads to many problems, including constipation. This occurs when we can’t pass our stool properly, and a feeling of tightness and fullness restricts our eating and daily activities.

There are two reasons for constipation. One is the insufficient secretion of bile juice from the liver, making the passage smooth for the fecal matter to pass to the large intestine.

And the second reason is the extra fat in the stool that sticks at the intestine walls and won’t allow it to pass easily.

This churna eliminates both the reasons, ensures sufficient secretion of bile juice from the liver, and removes the extra mucous and fat content from the stool to be easily passed on.

It will free you from the problem of constipation permanently, and you can enjoy your normal life without any limitations.

2. Improves digestion

One more adverse effect of our unhealthy lifestyle is bad or weak digestion. We now have so many options to choose from as our food that we often choose the wrong ones.

We always look for tasty junk food that seems to be interesting than ordinary food.

But here, we all make our biggest mistake. These junk food may seem interesting at first, but soon they will make you sick and damage your digestion process.

An unhealthy digestive system means that it could not break down the food properly, can’t secrete the digestive juices properly, and thus essential nutrients would not get absorbed by the body.

And as a result, one suffers from issues like bloating, abdominal gas, and gaseous cramps.

But this powder eliminates all these issues.

Make our digestion system healthy so that it can break down food properly, proper secretion of digestive juices, increase the absorption of essential nutrients by the intestines, and reduce the risks of any other diseases.

3. Treat IBS

It is very helpful in IBS or irritable bowel syndrome which affects our large intestine mainly.

The factors causing IBS are many, including excessive intake of food that is difficult to digest, or one has allergic to that, low nutrient food, overeating, eating food at irregular intervals, with many other physical and mental factors.

In IBS, one could suffer from diarrhea and constipation, and both are not good for health.

The herbs used in the churna help treat the IBS symptoms and make our intestine strong.

4. It Prevents Bloating

With these unhealthy habits, abdominal gas, bloating, flatulence are very common in all age groups, from kids to adults and old generation people.

And this churna with all its ingredients helps cure all these problems.

5. Treat Ulcers

Ulcers are such sorts of sores that develop in the abdomen area, mainly on the stomach, intestines, or colon walls.

These are painful sores that cause severe pain and problem in digestion.

Many medicines cure these sores. But this churna can alone treat all types of ulcers.

These are some of the benefits of using kayam churna. It is said that prevention is better than cure, so always try to make and follow healthy habits for a healthy body.

8. Kayam Churna Dosage

The dosage of the churna depends from person to person based on their ages, their severity of the problem, their conditions. But in any case, it has to be consumed after consulting a certified ayurvedic doctor only.

The doctor would examine your condition thoroughly and prescribe the dosages and time period of the dosages.

But generally, an adult can take one to two tablespoons or one or two tablets of the churna at night with water.

9. Kayam Churna Side Effects

Although it is an ayurvedic churna or medicine, so it doesn’t have many side effects. But some measures should be adopted to prevent some problems.

The churna should not be used by children of age below 1 year and pregnant women, and it causes contraction of the uterus, which is not healthy for pregnant women.

Adult males and females can take it but on doctor’s prescription only.

Overdosage of powder can lead to problems like diarrhea, high blood potassium, abdominal pain, loss of fluids, and many more.

So use kayam churna as per the prescription of the doctor only.


So we have explored much about the kayam churna and acquired basic to advance knowledge about it.

You can use it to cure your digestive tract-related problems and to make it healthy. But you should take it after consulting a doctor only.

As I mentioned earlier, prevention is always better than cure, so develop a healthy lifestyle to not face such problems. If you are facing, then use this incredible kayam churna.

Kayam Churna – Frequently Asked Questions

Is kayam churna good for health?

Yes, it is completely good for health. As it mainly focuses on our abdominal part, which is behind almost all the problems related to our body.

So when you use kayam churna regularly, it does not only make your digestive system healthy but also makes your entire body healthy. But take it as per your Ayurvedic doctor’s instructions.

Is it safe to take kayam churna daily?

Yes, it is safe to take the churna if the doctor has advised so. For the dosage of the churna, always follow your doctor’s instructions. If he advised you to take it daily, then you can.

Which is better, kayam churna tablet or churna?

Whether in the form of powder or tablets, the medicine’s composition and work are the same. The difference between them is the convenience.

For some people taking tablets is convenient, and for some, powder. You can take it as per your doctor’s instructions.

Is kayam churna safe during pregnancy?

No, kayam churna is not safe during the pregnancy. Kayam churna causes the uterus to contract. And this contraction would affect the health of the fetus inside the body.

So pregnant must avoid this churna.

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