Best Quality Honey In India: Guide You Need To Know in 2021

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Best quality honey in India is perhaps the most frequent question in the minds of all fitness-oriented people but remained unanswered.

People living in India want to know more and more about the best quality honey in India. If you also want to know about India’s best quality honey, this guide is only for.

Top 3 Best Quality Honey In India – NMR Tested Honey

When you try to find the best quality honey in India, you will found plenty of companies claiming their honey best out there.

They claim that their honey is best, fresh, and natural. But before choosing any brand or company, you need to know how reliable they are. Or to what extent you can trust them.

And when it comes to trust, the brand of honey, NMR, is considered the game-changer. The full form of NMR is Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

It is such an advanced overall test in which testing parameter is set for identifying and scanning quality, adulteration, and authenticity of honey.

It is an international level test done by INTERTEK laboratory located in Germany. It tests and scans all the variants of honey, its purity, and content. And then ranks all types of honey made from floral, geographical, and wild or beekeepers harvested honey samples.

So the honey tested by NMR guarantees its purity and freshness. And we can trust the companies which get a high rank by NMR.

Coming back on India’s best quality honey, we also have some companies that rank high by NMR. We have three honey manufacturing companies that sold the best quality honey in India, and you can trust them.

Finding the best quality honey in India is not a piece of cake, but you can consider these companies with the best quality honey in India.

1. Zandu Pure Honey

best quality honey in India

One of the best quality honey in India is offered by this company. It is packed with antioxidants, enzymes, and essential minerals.

All these nutrients are important for the overall development of the body. This honey has a peculiar color and taste, making its flavor different from all other honey brands available out there.

It collects the honey from the Indian beekeepers of India’s best regions, including the Himalayas, Muzaffarpur, Coorg, and Sundarbans.

All these regions are well known for producing the best quality honey in India. The Zandu honey comes in the popular pack of 500gms.

For the pack of 500gms, you have to pay 189 Rs.

This is one of India’s best quality honey, which you can buy for yourself and your family.

2. Dadev Unprocessed Raw Honey

best quality honey in India

Another best quality honey in India is produced by the company Dadev. It claims its honey as the best, purest and organic.

They claim that they bring their honey just from the hives to your table so that you can enjoy the best, fresh, and natural honey. It is one of the best pure honey in India.

They collect raw unprocessed honey from the local hives of India. And its honey has the highest amount of pollen, which authenticates its purity and natural being.

This has honey has a highly concentrated amount of vitamins, minerals, and natural sweetness.

A plastic bottle of Dadev honey weighing 750gms costs 485 Rs and thus is much cost-effective when we compare the benefits of consuming with the price. This company sells the best pure honey in India.

So if you are looking for the best quality honey in India, you can consider buying this honey worth trying once.

3. Bharat Honey Agmark Grade ‘A’ Honey

best quality honey in India

The company with name Bharat Honey sells another best quality honey in India. This company was established in the year 1986 and is located in Hyderabad, Telangana.

They claim their honey the best because they don’t do anything with the raw, nor heat it, neither add any preservatives or anything like that.

They deliver their consumers the best, pure, fresh, and natural honey. As they don’t alter the honey from its extraction to its packing, their honey retains its original fragrance and taste.

Their honey is Agmark Grade ‘A’ honey, which is the high rank of purity.

The basic raw honey provides many other kinds of honey, including, Multiflora honey, Jamun honey, Sidr honey, Kashmir honey, litchi honey, Ajwain honey, etc.

They sell a pack of 1kg honey for 430 Rs of Multiflora honey.

What is Raw Honey?

As you can assume with the name only that raw honey is unprocessed honey. This kind of honey doesn’t undergo any manufacturing process.

This honey is obtained by collecting the honey from the beehives and then straining it from nylon clothes to remove the impurities like beeswax and dead bees.

best quality honey in India

And after this straining, the honey is packed and sold out in the market. This honey is regarded as the raw that has all the qualities of honey.

Raw honey is preferred more than regular honey because some nutrients are wasted in honey processing, and it becomes less effective to consume.

The best quality honey in India is the raw unprocessed honey obtained without using any extra processes.

What Are The Benefits Of Raw Honey?

After discussing the best quality honey in India, it’s time to move forward with the benefits of the best quality honey in India.

Honey is the only food item in the whole world that never gets rotten. Honey always remains fresh and ready to use. And that is why we have pieces of evidence of century-old honey in the tombs of the kings of Egypt, generally known as pyramids.

A sample of raw honey contains calories, sugar, fructose, glucose, maltose, and sucrose—these all essential nutrients for our body’s overall growth.

Apart from being the quality of surviving for so long, India’s best-quality honey offers many other benefits. Here we discuss the raw honey’s benefits, not the processed honey because it was altered in the processing process.

These benefits are,

1. Excellent Source of Antioxidants

One of the leading benefits of using raw honey that it provides antioxidants. Antioxidants are essentials nutrients for our body.

Antioxidants help prevent our body from the conditions caused by cell damage. Or we call also say that it doesn’t let our cell to damage and if they are damaged then it repair them.

So antioxidants can prevent aging from the development of chronic diseases, including heart diseases and cancer.

Raw unprocessed honey has antioxidants called polyphenols which help us in the prevention of diseases.

2. Helpful in Digestion Issues

It is said that the unhealthy digestive tract causes most diseases. A healthy digestive system is essential for the complete development of the body.

And raw honey is ideal for a healthy digestive system. Honey is used in some digestive issues such as diarrhea and proven treatment for Helicobacter pylori bacteria, which causes stomach ulcers.

It can also be helpful as a prebiotic, which develops the good bacteria in our digestive systems. So using raw honey regularly can be proven for your overall development.

3. Helpful in Lowering the Blood Pressure

The antioxidants which raw honey has can help lower low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure is caused by unhealthy diet habits, physical exercises, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

But low blood pressure is responsible for many other health problems such as heart problems, heart attacks, and many other problems.

But consuming raw honey can balance your blood pressure and cure the problem of low blood pressure.

4. Improve Cholesterol

One more benefit of raw honey is that it helps in improving the cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol in the body can lead to heart problems, like cardiovascular attacks, heart blockage, strokes, and many such problems.

How honey prevents reduces the bad cholesterol from the body and increases the good cholesterol in the body.

So in this way, it prevents heart problems.

5. Heal the Wounds

With its antibacterial and antifungal properties, raw honey can be used to heal the wound and burns.

It is ages old method to heal the wound and cure the burns. Honey has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory agents accomplished by nourishing the surrounding tissues, where it was applied.

And that is what it is for in ancient Egypt till now. Now, raw honey is used to treat wounds, burns, psoriasis, herpes lesions, and diabetic foot ulcers.

6. Useful in Cough for Children

With the changing environment, children are now more prone to coughing and sneezing than ever.

And if your child is also suffering from coughing, you can use honey to suppress the cough. As honey is natural, so unlike other medications, it doesn’t have side effects.

You can give your child raw honey for cough, and it would help him with the cough removal and good sleep.

These are some of the benefits of raw honey, which you would get after using it regularly.

How To Use Honey?

Another basic question that arises in the mind of people that how to use honey. Knowing the best quality honey in India is not sufficient; you need to know how to use it.

Being a sweet substance, it can be used anywhere. You can use it to add a sweet taste to your dishes. Many dishes used honey, such as pancakes, salads, chilly potatoes, and many such things.

But if you want to get the most out of your honey, then you should take it in the morning. Right after you wake, you should drink a glass of lukewarm water with one tablespoon of honey. You can also add some lemon juice to that.

This one glass of water would help you get most of the nutrients out of honey and offers you many health benefits, which we have studied above.


Although it is packed with benefits and nutrients, they’re certain we should take care of.

First is, always remember that honey is high in calories and sugar. So diabetic patients should use with caution.

Also, the calories in it can increase the level of calories in your body. So while using honey, you should take care of these things to get benefits only.


So in this article, we have talked about India’s best quality honey and the benefits you would get from their regular consumption.

There is nothing like starting your day with a glass of water mixed with honey that refreshes and energizes you and gives you the power to work all day.

Here, some companies offer the best quality honey in India and are worth your kind attention for once.

Best Quality Honey In India – FAQs

How to check real honey?

It is advisable to cross-check the claims made by even the leading companies selling honey.

For checking the purity of your honey, you don’t need any sort of machines. You can easily do it at your home also.

These tests are,-
The Thumb test: You can also apply few drops of honey on your thumb and wait if it splits from your thumb, then it’s a fake one.
Water Test: In this test, you can drop some honey drops in a glass of water. If it dissolves, then it’s not real.
Vinegar Test: You can also try mixing honey in vinegar; if the mixture develops foam, then your honey is fake.
The Heat Test: As honey cant be burned so you can apply some honey on a matchstick and try to lit it. If it lit, then your honey is fake.

These are some of the basic tests which you can do at your home on your own to check the purity of your honey. However, you can also check your honey by its fragrance and taste. Real honey has an aromatic smell and a tingling taste at the end.

Is honey good for people with diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that makes one life tasteless. And whether how much a person tries to control his sweet tooth, but he can’t.

So don’t try to restrict your sweet tooth, but a change of source of sweetness. However, sugar is the basic source of sweetness but not the only way.

As an alternative, you can use honey instead of sugar for a diabetic patient. Honey helps him with his sweet craving and beneficial for him as it is packed with so many nutrients and inflammatory properties.

So, yes, you can replace sugar with honey if you have diabetes without any worries.

Which honey is best for face?

Honey is a savior when it comes to skin problems. As we have already studied that honey has an element that nourishes the skin tissues after its application. So when you apply it to your face, it can help treat facial acne and pimples and their marks.

The best honey for your face is Manuka honey which is well known for its anti-acne agents.

Honey is cold or hot?

Honey is warm in nature. Apart from being packed with nutrients, honey is warm in nature and can be useful in warming up your entire body.

That is why drinking honey water in the morning is advised to have a warm start to the day, which gives you energy for the whole day.

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