Incredible benefits of Moti Pishti that you must know in 2021!

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The benefits of moti pishti are the need of the hour. Why? Well, that we would explore here. Here in this article, we would study the benefits of moti pishti and why you should know it. So let’s dive in and explore the moti pishti.

What is Moti Pishti?

Let’s begin our guide with the fundamental question not to have to come back to square one.

Moti pishti is a Hindi term consisting of two words. Moti means pearls, and pishti is a unique process of powder making. This term originated in ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurvedic is the ancient way of treatment in which patients are treated with herbs and natural medicines. 

In the Ayurvedic method, pishti is a fine powder that is made from the process of Peshan. Any solid object is turned into a fine powder with rose water or lemon juice as an ideal liquid in this process. 

So in moti pishti, the fine powder is made from the pearl extracted or procured from the sea and ocean with rose water. 

It is noteworthy that pearls should be pure and real, not fake ones. Only genuine pearls can provide the benefits of moti pishti. 

It is a rare ayurvedic mineral formula that is made from pure pearl and rose water. It is purely natural and offers many benefits of moti pishti. 

This is such a sort of medicine made from detoxified, purified pearls and liquid medicine such as rose water and lemon juice; why pishti is advised because it gets absorbed quickly in the weak body person can hold it.

 It sometimes happens that a patient becomes so weak that his body can’t hold any liquid or reliable medicine. So this kind of fine powder is given to them to treat them.

Moti Pishti Ingredients

After getting a basic idea about the moti pishti, now we should discuss the main ingredients of moti pishti. The reason behind the benefits of moti pishti lies in the main ingredients only. 

It is the main ingredient that increases the benefits of moti pishti. 

The main ingredients of moti pishti are pure pearl and rose water. As pishti has to be prepared from a trustworthy and liquid material, one is a pearl, and one is rose water. 

These two things are very beneficial for the body. Both pearl and rose water hold many health benefits. 

Pearl is useful in maintaining good heart health. Pearls can be used in making your heart healthy and active. It is also used for balancing the water level in the body. 

There are many more health benefits that one can get from pearls. They range from treating the issues related to the eyes, throat, intestine, stomach. Physical health also promotes mental health and reduces your mental peace and balance. 

On the other hand, rose water is famous for its calm and sweet nature. Rosewater can help treat skin issues, sore throats, healing cuts and burns, and scars, improve digestion process and system, and lessen aging symptoms. 

So together, rose water and pearl make the benefits of moti pishti essential for everyone. And everyone should know the health benefits of moti pishti.



How To Make Moti Pishti?

The process of making moti pishti is not easy but can be possible with hard work. One would face difficulty at once, but after some attempts one can easily make it.

First of all, purify the pearls using buttermilk for 3 days. Then make them dry completely.

After they are dried, grind them into a very fine powder.

Pour the powder into a bowl and add rose water accordingly.

Keep mixing and grinding the mixture for 3 to 4 days until you get a thick paste-like consistency.

when you would get your desired consistency then store it in a glass bottle.

Moti Pishti Uses

The Health benefits of moti pishti depend upon the uses of moti pishti. Moti pishti can be used in the treatment of the digestive system. It is also used to reduce the heat from the body and provide coolness to it.

Everyone has heat inside his body, which helps him to sustain his life in adverse conditions. Sometimes, this heat increases excessively because of some lifestyle habits and starts harming the body. 

The first symptom can be seen in acne and pimples that develop on the back of the body and many other parts. 

Moti Pishti can also use it to balance the acid secretion in the body and maintain balance in the body. 

In a nutshell, we can conclude that the benefits of moti pishti lie in its use, including the treatment of the digestive system and acid secretion.



5 Incredible Moti Pishti Benefits

Now it turns to discuss the health benefits of moti pishti. It is only the benefits of moti pishti that make it popular and effective. 

The benefits of moti pishti are significant to know so that you can use them accordingly. When you know the benefits of moti pishti, then only you can use it for yourself.

1. Prevention from Anxiety

One of the crucial benefits of moti pishti is that it prevents the anxiety and depression caused by it. 

Because of the unhealthy diet and lifestyle, people are developing anxiety symptoms, facing anxiety and stress disorders. 

This limits their potential and affects their work efficiency. It affects not only their work life but also the personal. 

A person with anxiety issues can’t pay attention to his family, friends, personal life, and professional life. 

In this way, anxiety affects all spheres of life and needs to be cured soon if someone has this issue. 

As moti pishti is made from pearls and rose water, it is one of the benefits of moti pishti to cure anxiety and depression. 

It is cool and clams down the anxious nature of the body. As it offers a sense of coolness and calmness, it is best for curing anxiety issues. The ingredients of moti pishti are specially meant for curing anxiety. 

And when they come together, they treat anxiety in a better way. 

2. Improves the Digestion System

One of the main reasons behind most of our problems is an unhealthy digestive system. Our digestive system is essential for our body. 

The digestive system includes the stomach, large and small intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas. All these work to absorb the food we eat in the body. And when the body absorbs our food, it only gets energy for performing the body’s functions. 

And as this food has to be the main primary source of energy, it has to process well. And this is done in the digestive system. So our digestive system has to be healthy. 

But with present conditions, it seems impossible to maintain the health of our digestive system. So we need to make our digestive tract healthy, and if it is not well, then to cure it.

One excellent way to improve the digestion tract is using moti pishti. 

It is one of the benefits of moti pishti to cure and improve the digestion system. It makes a balance between the excessive acid produced in our stomach for a breakdown of food. 

It also offers relief from the problems such as acidity, heartburn, improves digestion, and prevents constipation. It is also helpful in increasing the appetite and helps in the better absorption of nutrients in our body. 

3. Improves Heart Functioning

One more benefit of moti pishti is that it improves the functioning of our heart. Our heart is the main organ in our body that pumps the blood from our body. 

Without the heart and circulatory system, we can’t live. The primary function of the heart is to pump the blood between the lungs and body. And that is why our heart is also called the engine of the body.

And when our heart is so important, we have to take care of it and prevent it from all possible threats and issues. 

And most threats to our hearts are introduced by the unhealthy lifestyle we are living. Although changing our whole life suddenly is not possible, we can improve our lifestyle with time. 

But if you face heart problems, you should adopt the benefits of moti pishti to cure your cardiac issues. 

It helps with our cardiac problems by being natural antioxidants and relaxing the cardiac system. It soothes the mind and is very beneficial for issues such as palpitations. 

It also strengthens the heart muscles, lowers the cholesterol level in the blood, and prevents lipid accumulation. 

So in this way, one more benefit of moti pishti is that it improves our heart and blood circulatory system. 

4. Balance the Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by our blood on the blood vessels. Why blood pressure is necessary because it, in turn, causes many health problems like heart issues, strokes, cardiovascular attacks, and so many we can count on the list. 

Whether you are suffering from high blood pressure issues or low blood pressure issues, the benefits of moti pishti are useful in treating both. 

Moti pishti acts as a natural agent which stables our body blood pressure and improves heart function. 

This also improves heart endurance and keeps the blood pressure level in check. 

5. Helps in Skin Diseases

One of the adverse effects of our unhealthy lifestyle is that it affects our skin also. And we develop many skin problems like acne, pimples, skin irritation, and so on we can count on the list. 

But all of these skin problems can be cured by the benefits of moti pishti, and you can get clear and clean skin. 

The main component which is found in the pearl is calcium which is very good for our skin. And the rose water that is used to prepare moti pishti hydrates our skin nourishes it, and soothes it.

It also helps in sunburns and tanning and can be used as a skin cleaning agent. It makes our skin good-looking by regulating the excessive production of sebum and preventing blocking pores. 

It also protects our skin from environmental conditions and pollution. 

It helps promote overall skin health, lower the effects of aging, and treat skin problems such as eczema, acne, and oxidative damage. 

These are some of the benefits of moti pishti which it offers to the users. Although there are many more benefits of moti pishti, these are some of the main advantages of moti pishti that you would get regularly. 

Moti Pishti – Dosage

The dosage of the moti pishti depends on the moti pishti uses. The dose of the moti pishti depends from person to person; his strength, the reason for consumption, age of the patient, and his condition, but one should not take the moti pishti tablets without consulting a doctor. 

An ayurvedic would evaluate all these things and then prescribe the moti pishti tables’ dosages depending upon the health conditions’ seriousness. 

But on average, an adult can take 60 mg to 125 mg of a tablet with milk, honey, and water once or twice a day. One can also take it in the morning on an empty stomach or before sleeping. 

But it is highly advisable to take it after consulting a doctor only.

Moti Pishti – Side Effects

No specific side effects of moti pishti registered until now, but the doctor always advised to consume the medicine in an appropriate amount only. 

So you can take moti pishti without taking the tension of its side effects, as there are only the benefits of moti pishti, not any side effects.

Moti Pishti For Calcium Deficiency

One of the main elements from which our body is made up is calcium. Our bones, teeth are made of calcium, and it is essential for the development of our bones and making them strong. 

However, we are not getting calcium as per our need and developing a deficiency of calcium because of the present conditions, making our bones and teeth weak. 

And if you are also suffering from a deficiency of calcium, you should take moti pishti to replenish your body with calcium. 

A pearl is made up of calcium, so it is an excellent source of calcium for our body, and by taking moti pishti tablets, we can prevent ourselves from the deficiency of calcium.

Chemical Composition Of Moti Pishti

As we know that moti pishti is made of pearls and rosewater. The chemical composition of moti pishti is composed of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is the chief component of pearls and removes the deficiency of calcium in the body.

Other components are conchiolin and water. Water is the main component of rose water and keeps our body hydrated.


In this article, we have discussed the benefits of moti pishti and how you can make the most out of it. 

So before taking it, consult with your doctor for better advice and follow his instructions. With the help of moti pishti, you can prevent yourself from many diseases and live a healthy and long life.

Moti Pishti – Frequently Asked Questions

Is mukta pishti same as moti pishti?

While searching about moti pishti, most people get confused that Mukta pishti is the same as moti pishti.

Yes, both are the same; sometimes, moti is also called Mukta, and both two names are the same thing.

How to take moti pishti?

You can take moti pishti with lukewarm water or milk, or with honey, as you like and your doctor has advised.

What are some of the famous brands of moti pishti?

Some famous moti pishti are Mukta Pishti Baidyanath, Patanjali Moti Pishti, Dabur Mukta Moti Pishti, and so many more.

What is the moti pishti patanjali price?

You can buy Moti Pishti Patanjali for Rs 60 for 2gms of moti pishti.

What is the Dabur moti pishti price?

For 1gm of Dabur moti pishti, you have to pay Rs 513. The moti pishti price depends upon the manufacturing process and company, and hence we see variations in moti pishti price.


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