An Amazing Ayurvedic Medicine For Sleeplessness In 2021

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Ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness has become the need of the hour in present-day world conditions. There is a hell of good reasons for which now people lack good sleep, which is essential for a healthy body.

And that is why day by day, we are having more cases of sleeplessness or insomnia. Most of the patients visit physiologists and related medical practitioners to cure it.

If you are also suffering from insomnia or sleeplessness, then ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness is what you need to know.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Sleeplessness – What Is Sleeplessness

ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness

Before discussing ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness, we should procure some basic knowledge about it.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which a person faces difficulty in sleeping, is hard for him to stay asleep, wake up too early, or after waking up early, can’t sleep again, and even after waking up, feel tired.

That is how a person can identify that he is suffering from insomnia or not.

Sleeping is a very important biological process or human activity that is yet remained underrated. Good sleep is essential for the well working of the body.

There are many benefits of good sleeping which we can count on the list, when we wake up after a good sleep we feel fresh and energetic.

A night of good sleep also helps in making our mind more alert and active and increases its efficiency. Good sleep also prevents stress, depression and has many other benefits too.

And when you don’t get good sleep, you lack all these benefits. And we feel less energetic, depressed, tired, and exhausted.

In the modern world, because of an unhealthy lifestyle, sleeplessness or insomnia is a very common sleeping disorder that almost every adult is suffering from.

Although there are variations in how much a person could sleep, or what is a good sleep, commonly it is agreed that a good sleep generally stretches from 6 to 8 hours and gives a feeling of freshness.

ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness

There are some common symptoms which are observed in the patients of sleeplessness, such as difficulty in sleeping at night, waking up during the sleep in the night, waking up too early than normal, and not feeling refreshed after sleeping, stress, and depression.

If you are also facing some of these symptoms, then you should consult a doctor first and follow his advice.

Here, ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness works best. Why?

Well, there are pretty good reasons for which ayurvedic medicine for insomnia is great. They don’t have any side effects. They are very effective, works well, and offer many other benefits too.

But ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness is the best way to cure the problem.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Sleeplessness – Causes

Before going for ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness, you should know about the causes or factors which are responsible for this sleeping disorder.

ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness

1. Stress

The first reason responsible for the problem of sleeplessness is stress. In this competitive world, when everyone has to stand first, has to get a job, achieves a good financial position, stress is very common.

Overthinking about work, health, finance, and family can lead to stress, which ultimately results in sleeplessness.

2. Uneven Work Schedule

Another reason for insomnia is the uneven work schedule or continuous traveling in which one doesn’t get proper time to rest or sleep.

This leads to the disturbed sleep-wake cycle, metabolism, and body temperature, which can be responsible for insomnia.

3. Bad Sleeping Habits

Not only uneven work schedule and stress, but some poor sleep habits also result in sleeplessness. These bad habits include irregular bedtime or sleeping time, stimulating activities before bed, or sleeping like using a smartphone for long.

Some more habits are using the bed for work, eating and watching at the same time, using the screen for a long time before bed also leads to disturbed sleeping and insomnia.

4. Having a Heavy Meal Before Sleep

It is always advised that having a light meal at night is good as it digests well and helps in a good sleep. Why, because heavy meals make sleeping discomfort and we can’t sleep well.

5. Mental Health Disorders

There are many mental health disorders too, that are responsible for the problem of insomnia. They can be anxiety disorders post – traumatic stress disorders and can actively alter our sleeping pattern.

6. Medications

Some medicinal drugs also contribute to the problem of sleeplessness. These medicines include antidepressant drugs, medicines for asthma, blood pressure, some pain killers, anti-allergy, cold medicines, and weight loss medicines.

These medicines contain caffeine and other stimulants that affect our sleeping patterns and result in insomnia.

7. Medical Conditions

With some medications, there are some medical conditions also which lead to sleeplessness. Such sorts of conditions are chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease, overactive thyroid, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease can cause insomnia.

Sleep-related disorders are also factors behind insomnia. Sleep disorders like sleep apnea which causes a break in breathing periodically at night, restless legs syndrome are some of the sleep-related disorders which make it hard to sleep at night.

9. Stimulating Food Products

There are many food products such as caffeine, tea, alcohol that contain stimulating agents. And their regular consumption, whether in the night or in the late afternoon, can lead to sleep disorders.

Growing age or aging can also make your sleep week and hard to fall asleep quick. Thus with the growing age, one might suffer from sleeping disorders or insomnia.

These are some of the reasons behind the problem of sleeplessness. While for some persons only one or two reasons can be responsible, but sometimes more than two factors are also observed in the patients.

Whether the person is having one or many reasons for sleeplessness, ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness can work for all.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Sleeplessness – Diagnosis

Sleeplessness is a very serious problem that is often underestimated. Disturbed sleeping pattern is harmful to us, and have many side effects on our health.

With insufficient sleep, we cant concentrate on our work, we feel frustrated, less energetic, and depresses. This could be more dangerous if you are driving or engaged in some work that requires focus, concentration, or alertness.

So if you have any symptoms of insomnia, then it’s a call that you should do something to treat it. As there are so many factors responsible for sleeplessness, similarly, there are many methods of treating it.

Why we are discussing the ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness here because ayurvedic medicines are miraculously effective on any disease and disorders.

They are emerging as the game-changer among all other medications, allopathic and homeopathic because they don’t have any sorts of side effects on the body.

They target the affected ideas, starting work just after the very beginning, and treat the problem from its roots. Even if you are not having health problems, then also you can use some of them to prevent yourself from any future illness.

Here also, we are looking for such ayurvedic measures by which you can treat your insomnia. They may differ from person to person but offer their effective guarantee.

Ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness

ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness

One of the most effective ways to cure your insomnia is an ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness. When you search out there, you will found a hell of good products available but not very effective ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness.

One of the best ayurvedic medicines for sleeplessness is Dashmool Arq, which is helpful in balancing the air in the body and treating insomnia which is caused due to mental disturbance and strengthens nerves, heart, and brain.

One best ayurvedic medicine for insomnia is Dashmool Arq, which is very effective ayurvedic medicine for insomnia.

You can take this ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness as per the guidance of the doctor after consulting with it.

Also, its dosages vary from person to person depending on the severity of the problem and should be followed as per the instructions of the doctor.

Oil Massage or Abhyanga

As the main reason for sleeplessness is stress or anxiety, so reducing stress from the body can help in getting sleep.

One of the best ways, according to Ayurveda, to reduce stress from the body is Abhyanga or oil massage.

In ayurvedic body massage, some selective oils, because of their medicinal benefits, are used for the massage. They are Bhringaraj, Til Taila, or sesame oil, and many other oils we can count on in the list are used for the massage.

The massage has to be started from the head and then in a circular motion throughout the scalp.

This would boost blood circulation in the body, and relaxes our nervous system, and helps in curing insomnia. Accompany it with the ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness and get the good results.


One another thing that is very effective in dealing with the problem of sleeplessness is grapes with ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness.

Grapes are packed with nutrients, such as resveratrol, carotenoid, quercetin antioxidants, and powerful compounds like melatonin.

These nutrients reduce the harmful free radicals from the body, which balance the sleep pattern and offer a good healthy sleep.

Body Massage or Samvahana

This is a full method for relaxing our body. One of the common factors for insomnia is body stress, which is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

In this method, a reviving procedure is used in which full body massage is used for harmonizing the body, using soft materials such as silk or fluffy brushes, and aromatic essential oils like almond, rose, jasmine, lavender, and sandalwood oils are used.

After the oil massage, a pacifying steam bath is also given to detoxify the body. This method releases all the bad toxins from the body and helps in good sleep.

Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is very beneficial for curing the problem of insomnia. The juice is consists of tryptophan, which furthers helps in forming serotonin, a chemical compound.

It helps in releasing the stress from the body, regulates the mood, boosts memory and sleep, and ensures good sleep.

Nootropic herbs or Medhya Rasayana

There are certain herbs which have are useful in the rejuvenation of brainpower and intellect. They include plants such as Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Yashtimadhu, Brahmi, Mandukaparni.

If consumed on a regular basis, they can have very good effects on the mind, have amazing neuroprotective properties, and enhances memory, cognition, prevents neurological disorders and sleep disorders.

These are some of the ways by which you can cure your sleeplessness and have a good refreshing sleep. Among them, the best is an ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness. It starts working just after consumption.

One more thing which can be done to cure the problem of sleeplessness is changing your lifestyle.

Our unhealthy lifestyle is the main reason behind many other problems, including insomnia. If you made some necessary changes in your lifestyle, then you can not only cure all these problems but prevent them.

These changes include a healthy diet, a cool and dark bedroom, limiting any stimulating activity before sleeping, and avoiding caffeine-containing food products before sleeping.


Having a good sleep is a basic right for everyone. Good sleep is essential for better performance of the body and ensures an active, alert body that is prepared for any sort of work. Ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness can fetch you this.

Don’t let anything make you feel disturbed, exhausted, and tired. Have a good sleep, energize yourself get back to work. With the best ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness, also try to adopt all the measures for good results.


How to get a good sleep in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is not something about herbs only. It is a full set of daily lifestyle habits which help in making our body healthy and curing the problem.

For good sleep, there pretty good ways in Ayurveda. They are head massage, body massage, having a good diet, and related herbs and ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness.

Is Ashwagandha is useful in curing insomnia?

Yes, Ashwagandha is very useful in curing insomnia. It is a natural herb that has many beneficial properties which promote good mental health, memory power and ensures good sleep.

How to solve the problem of sleeplessness naturally?

The best way to cure your problem of sleeplessness is through adopting natural ways by which you can have a good and peaceful sleep at night.

You can start a good healthy diet, try to have light meals at night, avoid stimulating activities before sleep, reduce the amount of caffeine, and regularly massage your head and body.

With it you can also use ayurvedic medicine for sleeplessness.

What is the main reason behind insomnia?

The main reason behind insomnia is the stress which we take from our unhealthy lifestyle, work, family, or other things which are bothering us a lot. Overthinking at night, making ourselves judgemental about our actions are some of the reasons why we get stressed even over small things, and as a result, develops the problem of insomnia.

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