Ashwagandha Powder: 7 Incredible Things You Should Know

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Ashwagandha powder is an ayurvedic medicine that is made from the plant of ashwagandha. With its benefits and a wide field of usage, it is also called the ‘King of the Ayurveda.

Why is it so, we would be looking in the upcoming sections. If you also want to know the incredible things about this miraculous herbal medicine, then let’s dive in.

1. Ashwagandha Powder

ashwagandha powder

We would start our guide by acquiring elementary knowledge about it so that we just don’t keep barking around the wrong tree.

It is procured from the ashwagandha plant. Ashwagandha plant is a medicinal shrub that is found in the hilly regions of India, especially in the Himalaya regions.

This plant needs a moderate environment with cold temperatures and mild rainfall. This plant is best known for its medicinal properties for ages.

We can break the name into two words, Ashwa which means Horse and Gandha which means Smell in Sanskrit.

And this plant is named so because the smell that its roots have is similar to the smell of the horses. Also, some interpret it in this way that when one regularly uses this plant properly, then it gives him the strength of a horse.

The first mention we get of this plant in the medical texts of the superb physician and surgeon of India, Charak and Sushrut.

They were very famous for their treatment which includes the natural components and herbal plants. They treat the people with the help of all-natural components without any modern tools, equipment, or technology.

But then also their research work on the human body, on the anatomy and medicinal properties of plants and other natural components such as milk, ghee, honey, etc., were used in recent times.

In today’s time, Ayurveda has a separate following base among the people who want effective treatment method which doesn’t have any side effects in the long run.

One of the major drawbacks of using other treatment methods that is making people hesitant in using them is the side effects that show in the long run.

Whereas using Ayurveda as a treatment is the best option ever because it has very effective working, no side effects, in the long run, detects the diseases and disorders in the initial stage and curing them, and many more benefits we can count in the list.

And when it comes to adopting Ayurveda, ashwagandha is called the ‘King of the Ayurveda’ because of the benefits it offers and the wide field of usage.

The entire ashwagandha plant is used for treatment and is available in many forms, such as dried roots or in tablets or powder.

Ashwagandha powder is made from the ashwagandha plant and is completely as natural as the plant. But it is more convenient to take and store it. That is why it is more preferred than the plant. Also don’t get confuse in ashwagandha powder and churna, both are same.

Churna is the sanskrit word for the powder, and ashwagandha powder means the same as ashwagandha churna.

2. Ashwagandha Powder Uses

Ashwagandha powder is used in the treatment of a variety of diseases and health problems. Different parts of the plants, such as leaves, stems, and roots, are used in different treatments, but as a whole also the plant is used.

Theoretically, it is believed that the plant increases the efficiency of the body both mentally and physically.

Or we can say that it promotes youth in the people. Talking about specific medicinal properties, it has anti-inflammatory properties and neurological protective properties, which can use in the treatment.

It can be used in curing stress, anxiety, fatigue, pain, skin disorders or conditions, diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, and many such problems we can count on the list.

3. Ashwagandha Powder Benefits

Ashwagandha powder has many benefits to offer when taken under the guidance of a certified ayurvedic doctor properly.

Some of the main benefits of it are as follows,

An Ancient Herbal Solution of Aging

One of the very first benefits that it provides is that it prevents aging. It rejuvenates the cells of the body and stops their aging process.

Our cells, especially the stem cells, grow old with time, and their efficiency fades away. That is why we start having the aging signs.

Ashwagandha has medicinal properties, which slow down this aging process and stop our cells from growing old and decreasing their efficiency. It relieves stress, increases energy levels, and improves focus.

Thus it promotes youth in the body, making both mind and body fit and active.

Help in Curing and Prevention Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming a menace for the whole world when out of 5, every 3rd person is suffering from this disease.

It is caused when our pancreas stops secreting hormone names insulin, or there are irregularities in the secretion of it. 

It is the hormone that absorbs the extra blood sugar in our blood. And when there is no sufficient amount of insulin in our body, then the blood sugar level rises tremendously, and we suffer from diabetes.

With time now, we are having even the children as the patients of diabetes, and it causes many health problems further. But this problem doesn’t have any permanent solution or treatment.

But ashwagandha powder has proven effective in curing diabetes.

According to researches, regular use of ashwagandha can regulate the secretion of insulin in the body and improves its sensitivity.

It can also reduce the body’s blood sugar level, whether the person has diabetes or not. It can prevent diabetes and also cure it.

Prevent from Cancer

With our unhealthy environment, cancer is becoming a very serious and common health problem. There are many types of cancers, such as colon, blood, ovaries, lung, and breast cancer.

They are caused by the damaged cells in the body and ashwagandha is shown effective in dealing with cancer. It stops the development of cancer cells in the body, and if present, then reduces them by curing them.

It has a compound withaferin which deals with cancer cells. In chemotherapy also helps in the improvement of health.

Help in Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety is the contribution of today’s unhealthy lifestyle, competitive world, and many such problems which makes people depressed about their conditions.

It is best known for its stress-releasing properties.

On a regular basis, consumption can block the brain’s stress pathways, reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety in the body, and give relaxation to the body.

Help in Increasing Muscles and Strength

Strength is not about heavy weight. It is about muscles and their strength. According to studies, it is proven that regular use of ashwagandha churna can increase the muscle mass in the body and their strength.

Muscle gaining also helps in increasing the bone density and making them strong.

So you can gain weight but gain muscle strength.

Help in Increasing Fertility in Men

There are many factors because of which men suffer from low sperm count or infertile. But regular use of ashwagandha churna can increase their fertility.

Helps in Inflammation

As it has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces the inflammation in the body, and makes it healthy.

Increase Fertility in Women

Ashwagandha powder not only deals with male fertility and strength but also female fertility. Regular use of ashwagandha churna can treat the women infertility, makes their ovaries, and uterus healthy and also prevents from the irregular menstrual problem.

Ashwagandha Powder for Height and Weight Gain

Ashwagandha powder for height and ashwagandha powder for weight gain are two more reasons for its popularity.

There is evidence that shows that ashwagandha churna increases height if taken properly.

Ashwagandha roots are used especially to make ashwagandha churna to increase the height of the body.

With all these benefits, it is also good for improving mental health, sharp memory, reducing cholesterol in the body. It develops the overall health of the body and makes it fit, active, and young.

4. Ashwagandha Powder Dosages

The ashwagandha churna dosage differs from person to person, according to their body strength, health problem severity, and for what purposes it is being used.

But on a normal basis, 2 to 5 grams of ashwagandha churna is advised for adults regardless of their gender after consulting an ayurvedic doctor.

5. How to Take Ashwagandha Powder

With dosages of ashwagandha, how to use ashwagandha powder is also important to discuss.

It can be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach or in the night before sleeping, with lukewarm water or milk.

But then also, one should consume ashwagandha churna only after consulting a certified ayurvedic doctor.

6. Best Ashwagandha Powder In India

All the benefits of ashwagandha can be obtained only when good ashwagandha churna is used. Because of the popularity and demand for ashwagandha, many companies are selling the same product.

But in this crowd, almost no company could guarantee the effectiveness of its product, some companies even can’t stand out on the basic parameters.

So before using any company or its ashwagandha churna, you should check its authenticity, reliability, reviews, and ranking so that you would only make a wise choice for your health.

With this guide, you don’t need to go anywhere to search for the best ashwagandha powder. In this guide, you would get a list of the best ashwagandha churna, which are very easily available out there.

Patanjali Ashwagandha Powder

ashwagandha powder

One leading company manufacturing natural and herbal medicines is the Patanjali. It offers all the natural and herbal medicines in India which are used in the Ayurveda and can use in many treatments.

It also offers the best ashwagandha churna in India at the best price.

For a pack of 100 gms of Patanjali Ashwagandha Powder, you have to pay Rs. 85. It is the best ashwagandha powder price in India.

And with such a good price range, you get all the benefits of pure and fresh ashwagandha churna.

Baidyanath Ashwagandha Churna

ashwagandha powder

Another best ashwagandha churna selling company in India is Baidyanath Ashwagandha Churna.

You have to pay Rs. 140 for the pack of 100 gms of Baidyanath Ashwagandha Powder. And after that, you can get all the benefits of ashwagandha churna, such as muscle gain, weight gain, increase in height, and many other benefits.

It is also a good ashwagandha powder price.

Dabur Ashwagandha Churna

ashwagandha powder

One another best company that offers the best ashwagandha churna out there is this company Dabur Ashwagandha Churna, which comes in the price range of Rs. 120 for a pack of 100 gms.

This is also one of the best companies which offer the best ashwagandha churna, and you would also get all the benefits of ashwagandha powder.

7. Ashwagandha Powder Side Effects

Although ashwagandha powder is very beneficial for the body and offers many advantages regardless of gender, there are some side effects also.

These side effects occur when you overdosages on it or use it without the consultation of the doctor.

They include Acidity, Heartburn, GERD(Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), Sour Mouth, Gastritis, Ulcer, and many other health problems we can count on the list.

These depend on the person and how he has made a mistake in the consumption of ashwagandha. Everyone can’t have the same side effects or maybe have some different side effects according to their body.


These are some of the incredible things you should know about the ashwagandha powder. In a world where everything is unhealthy, harmful, and causes many health issues, the need of the hour is to search for such natural components which can make us healthy.

And ashwagandha churna is one such thing that is very amazing in terms of benefits and uses. It is used in a wide range of health problems, ranging from common issues such as diabetes to serious issues like cancer.

Follow the instructions of the doctor for the effective and fast working of the ashwagandha powder.

Ashwagandha Powder – FAQs

Is it safe to take ashwagandha powder daily?

Yes, it is completely safe and healthy to take ashwagandha churna or powder daily unless your doctor said so. Always follow the guidance of your ayurvedic doctor and do what he says for better working of the powder.

Who should not take ashwagandha powder?

Although anyone can use ashwagandha churna, pregnant women should not take it because it makes the uterus contract harm the fetus.

Should I take ashwagandha powder before or after meals?

There is no certain rules for taking ashwagandha powder, you can take it on empty stomach in the morning, or before sleeping in the night.

And if your doctor says to take it before or after meals, you can also do that, but follows always your doctor’s instructions.

Is ashwagandha powder better in capsule or powder?

Whether powder or capsules both offers the same benefits, the only difference between them is their state and the convenience.

Some people find it easier to take the powder and some capsules, while sometimes the doctor advises you what to take, powder or capsules.

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